VISAGE brings the best 3D virtual design technology to a new solution for textile SMEs. For the first time, 3D visualization merges completely with IT tools for EU fashion textile SMEs, creating an integrated ecosystem at commercial level.
This new and unique tool, with its core in virtual design, boosts textile SMEs creativity to pass from the traditional business model, based on physical sampling, to a reverse engineering model, based on virtual sampling and customization service.

VISAGE completely revisited the native textile CAD, in order to get a web-based architecture. We are developing a three-dimensional surface visualization tool, which is able to show the fabric sample starting from the features of each single wire. Furthermore, we fully connect VISAGE with the production management software, thanks to the use of Moda-ML and eBIZ interoperability standards that allow a complete integration also with IT tools of third parties.

This integration manages an important aspect of the software, getting a real time estimate of costs, production times (according to raw materials availability) and delivery times. VISAGE is conceived to work both in connection with the production system, and as a standalone tool, in order to allow the commercial representatives to show the collection to potential customers outside the company.

VISAGE platform is going to be the new path to the future for the creation of fabric samples.


DOMINA is an Italian ICT company of organizational consultants and software developers. It is specialized in the development and implementation of information systems and CAD design for the textile/clothing industry.
The company aims to supply a complete software solution to its customers, in a client and web server architecture, on ORACLE database.

SCOTCAD is a Scottish ICT company with an absolute expertise in developing textile CAD applications. The company has a special knowledge of the 3D environment, and it is able to build important and innovative solutions thanks to the knowledge and use of the most up-to-date technology in the field.

PIACENZA is an Italian Textile Company, specialized in the production of fine cashmere and woollen fabrics, leader in the top segment of noble fibre fabrics for luxury market, and pure cashmere knitwear (finished product division). Based in Italian textile district of Biella, it is one of the oldest textile industries of the world, founded in 1733 and from then on owned by the Piacenza family.

EURATEX is the European Apparel and Textile Confederation representing the interests of the European textile and clothing industry at the level of the EU institutions. As the voice of the European industry, EURATEX aims to create favourable environment within the European Union for manufacturing of textile and clothing products. EURATEX is focused on few clear priorities: genuine industrial policy, research and innovation support, free and fair trade and sustainable production.

ENEA is the name of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. It is the second major Italian research organization, with around 2700 staff employees distributed in its nine research centres all over the national territory. The Agency’s activities are focused mainly on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Nuclear Energy, Climate and the Environment, Safety and Health, New Technologies, Electric System Research.

Born in 1937 as fancy yarn twisting mill, Filatura Lana Pettinata TRABALDO is an Italian company, specialized since its starting in fancy yarns, once in pure wool, then developing blends that are more sophisticated. All the production stages, from the research up to the realization, are still made in the historical factory of Ponzone, where the old machines left their place to the most modern ring spinning frames and fancy twisters based on high technology.

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